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Hello and welcome! You have found your way - through accident or intent - to the official website of Michelle Belanger. That's me, of course. You may know me from my work on television's Paranormal State (or any of a number of shows on similarly spooky topics), or you may know me from my two dozen and counting books (both fiction and non-fiction). Some of you may even know me for my music, like the Blood of Angels album recorded with Nox Arcana

At first glance, it may seem as if my creativity alights when and where it may -- non-fiction, photography, music, stories, poems. But as you peruse my works themselves, many of which are presented here, you will swiftly notice several underlying themes. These themes encompass the supernatural and all things betwixt and between -- angels and demons, spirits and the dead, mythopoesis and dreams. From the launching point of this fascination with the outre, my real explorations take wing -- explorations into identity, humanity, and the definitions we choose for ourselves.

Often these definitions are explored through the Other, holding up a darkened mirror so that we may better perceive that which glimmers and gleams at the core of our own Selves. Those rare fragments of light, all too often obscured by banality, are what I strive with each new project to reveal -- both in my self and in those who engage with the work. We reveal through art the truth in our lives. I work as catalyst to that alchemy.

Whether you're into my books, music, or all of the woogedy stuff that I do, now that you're here, you can explore the many facets of my work at your leisure. This website forms a hub for all my creative endeavors, and in addition to free content like videos and podcasts, here you can find links to my writing, archived interviews, online classes, and my social media sites (hint: I am most active on Twitter). We'll also be featuring exclusive content and flash sales, so it's a good idea to bookmark this site and check back now and again, or sign up for my newsletter, News Bites, to get a note delivered to your inbox when we're planning something. If you can't make it to one of my appearances to pick up a signed book, the flash sales are your best bet for that kind of thing.

If you're fairly new to me and my work, pop over here to the FAQ to learn more. If you've come here hoping to learn some of the things I'm known for teaching, take a look at my sample class list and my events calendar to see whether I might be presenting in your area soon. Alternately, you can see about booking me for your own group or event. With all the writing and appearances, I keep myself pretty busy, but it never hurts to ask.

Finally, if you're here because you're a fan of my Shadowside series, there's a whole section devoted to Zack and Lil's action-packed world.

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Explore and enjoy.

-- M.