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How do you assess when something is attacking you psychically? When is an energy merely uncomfortable as opposed to actively bad? And, when you encounter overwhelming energies and/or entities, how do you best protect yourself? Michelle and Becca talk good vs. evil vs. unintentional harm, how to develop good tools for objective assessment, and how to protect yourself psychically. 

Ouija boards have a long history in the world of paranormal tools. Michelle and Becca discuss best practices around use of ouija boards, as well as delving into the challenge of distinguishing between one's own imagination, and communication from spirits.

The real vampire community is a diverse collection of individuals, each of whom identify with the vampire in a different way. Michelle discusses the many different types of vampires one can find in this diverse community: psychic vampires, sanguine vampires, lifestylers, and everything else in between.

Michelle discusses with Becca the process of Awakening and how to harness psychic abilities, as well as the unique challenges faced by sensitive people -- both in coping with the world and with their own otherworldly perceptions. Becca recounts her extraordinary experiences at House Kheperu's annual weekend of energy work and psychic development classes.

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