the twilight path

"Death is the gate of life." -- St. Bernard of Clairveaux

Welcome to the official page of Walking the Twilight Path. This page is intended to supplement my book and give avid students of the Twilight Path additional resources. The materials on this page are intended to supplement the exercises, rituals, and meditations that you can find in Walking The Twilight Path.  The purpose of both the book and this page is to help people become more in tune with the concept of death as change, to draw those potent and transformational energies into their lives in a positive way, and to learn how to reach out across the Veil to communicate with spirits as helpers, guardians, and teachers.

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A lot of your work with the Twilight Path is about connecting with the energies of death and immersing yourself in an awareness of mortality. But the Twilight Path is not meant to be one-sided. It is a path of balance. Thus, whenever you feel that you are slipping too far to the Otherside and losing your connection to the world of the living, try engaging in a few of the following exercises:

  • Take yourself out to dinner. Splurge a little on a favorite restaurant and make a point of immersing yourself in the full experience of the meal. Make a point of getting dessert or a specialty drink -- something indulgent that you don't always allow yourself to have. Don't feel obligated to finish everything on your plate. Just enjoy the meal for the sake of taste.
  • Stay up to watch the sun rise or make time to watch the sun set.
  • Go some place and people watch. this could be at a club, a public park, or even a mall. Try to select a place where you are likely to encounter people of all ages. Spend some time seeing how they interact with one another, and contemplate what their lives must be like.
  • Get together with a friend and do a photoshoot to remind yourself what you like about your body. If a photoshoot is not feasible, treat yourself to a new piece of clothing that looks exceptionally flattering on you, or consider getting your hair styled and cut.
  • Go out and get a professional massage. You may even want to consider a full-out spa experience so you can completely pamper and indulge your body. Remind yourself why it's good to have a body.
  • Arrange a date with a friend (this doesn't have to be a romantic date) where you make a point of enjoying what this person brings to your life.
  • Make contact with an elderly friend or family member you've not talked to in a while. You can send them an email, write a letter, or call them on the phone. Remind yourself why this person is important in your life, and share your appreciation with them.
  • Make a list of things you have always wanted to do. This can be anything from "publish a book" to "go horseback riding." Pick something that is within your means to accomplish right now, and start working to bring this experience into your life.
  • Take time to play with a small child. This can be a relative or a friend's child, or even a younger sibling. Remember what the world was like when you were that age, and immerse yourself in that joy-in-the-moment mentality that children are able to effortlessly maintain. 



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