Class List

Michelle teaches an extensive array of classes. Most classes are flexible in both group size and run time, and can be adapted to fit your group's needs. The classes listed below are a sampling of the types of classes Michelle teaches, not a comprehensive list. Please email Elyria to inquire about classes, topics, and modifications to classes that would be suited to your group.

Due to the large number of projects Michelle is involved in, we are only able to accept a small number of speaking, teaching, and travel requests each year. We have started recording some of Michelle’s classes for remote access, either by groups or by individuals who are unable to attend classes in person. Get access to those class recordings here.

Psychic Blind Man's Bluff

Vital energy is everywhere in the world around us, generated by all living things. People have their own unique energy signatures, and in this entertaining, hands-on class, best-selling author Michelle Belanger shows you how to perceive that energy. Learn to sense the energy of the people around you, and then learn how to fine-tune that sense to you can tell the difference from one person to the next. Wear comfortable clothes, however, for this workshop requires that you get up, move around the room, and play with your perceptions of energy.


kheprian ritual workshop (I & II)

The three castes of House Kheperu represent three different stages in the process of energy work. Each stage is essential, and each can be used to help build powerful sacred space for magick and ritual. In this hands-on presentation, we will explore the tripartite nature of energy and see how the caste roles can be applied to ritual work. Then we will practice this new method of building and maintaining sacred space, in preparation for a later workshop where we will collectively build our own ritual.

In the magickal system of House Kheperu, each person dedicates to a caste, and this caste determines the person's role in ritual. All three castes actively participate in the process of building ritual space and maintaining that space for the duration of the ritual. In this second part of the ritual introducing Kheprian ritual techniques, we will build a ritual together, exploring the concept of the castes and how they fit into energy work.


psychic self-defense

It takes a thief to catch a thief. At least, that is the principle behind this crash-course in psychic self-defense. Best-selling author Michelle Belanger is an expert on psychic vampires, because she is one herself. In this innovative class, she brings her expertise on energy exchange to the table, explaining why some people feed on the energy of others, how this can sometimes be consensual, and when it can become harmful. Learn down and dirty techiques for defending yourself if you become the victim of a psychic predator.


psychic self-development: trusting your intuition

Do you think you are psychic? Everyone has some kind of sixth sense, whether we call it "gut instinct" or good old fashioned intuition. In this class, lead by author and psychic Michelle Belanger, learn techniques for tapping into your own psychic abilities and for accurately assessing the validity of your impressions.


everyday ritual: ritual acts throughout our lives

Ritual is often seen as a special-occasion event, where a group of people get together in order to celebrate a religious holiday or to perform a group magickal act. We all have many everyday rituals, however, and they can provide structure, focus, and direction to simple acts. In this lecture, Michelle discusses the role of ritual in our everyday lives as well as how to design simple rituals to keep us moving forward on our personal paths.


PSYCHIC VAMPIREs: separating myth from reality

Everyone has encountered that one person who seems to leave them drained dry. Emotional and needy, such people suck the very life out of those around them. By the classic definition of the term, these people are psychic vampires -- individuals who, for one reason or another, need to take the vital force of others. Many manuals on psychic self-defense have warned against these energy predators, but they only give part of the story. Michelle Belanger, author, energy worker and ... psychic vampire will shatter the myths and misconceptions concerning psychic vampirism. Learn what causes psychic vampirism, how it can be practiced ethically, and how to protect yourself from unethical energy predators.


lucid dreaming and the paranormal

Join Michelle Belanger, author of Psychic Dreamwalking, in an exploration of dreams, paranormal experiences, and psychic phenomenon. Train yourself to remember your dreams, distinguish between ordinary and paranormal dreams, and harness the potent skill of lucid dreaming. We will also explore fundamental concepts about our dreaming minds and the Collective Unconscious. Even Sigmund Freud, the father of modern psychology, recognized the paranormal potential locked within our dreams. Come and discover your key to this mysterious realm hidden within each and everyone of us.


magick and the middle sex

For many Pagans, divinity is expressed as God or Goddess, but what of those who fall between? Gender, sex, and orientation combine in many complicated ways, and more and more Pagans are finding that a traditional vision of two sexes just does not account for everyone. What is the role of the Middle Sex in magick? What established roles can we look to in history and myth? Join author Michelle Belanger in exploring the magickal roles of third sexed, asexual, and pansexual practitioners.



According to a Harris Poll conducted in 2003, over 50% of Americans believe in the existence of ghosts. But if ghosts are real, what circumstances cause them to linger after their deaths? In this thought-provoking presentation, author and Paranormal State psychic Michelle Belanger discusses beliefs and traditions found around the world that tell us why ghosts haunt and how the living may be able to help some spirits move on.


the blood of angels

In Genesis VI, angelic beings leave Heaven to marry the daughters of men. Elsewhere, these Watcher Angels and their descendents are blamed for the Flood. This story figures prominently in the Dead Sea Scrolls and in other extra-Biblical texts. Learn how the tales of the Watcher Angels may lie at the very heart of our belief in an on-going struggle between the sons of darkness and the agents of the light.