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A Place for Fiction

So I've had some requests for my fiction. I indulge in fiction only rarely these days, as so much of my time and attention goes into non-fiction and related research. But I still write stories now and again. Perhaps my best fiction writing has gone into character histories for role-playing games. Most of these don't translate easily into a traditional short story format. They're often written in the second person, addressing the reader directly, and they are almost always in the present tense, to provide a sense of immediacy to the action so the reader better connects with the character in the tale. These are stories that will never make it to anthologies, not only for their formats, but also for the rights issues on the RPG worlds in which they are set. But I may share some of them here. Other bits and pieces will find their way here occasionally, stories old and new.

I rarely write anything PG-13. Gothic, horror, dark fantasy -- these are themes that have always appealed to me. There are some truly twisted recesses in my imagination. You have been warned...