This is one of those unclassifiable pieces that is neither poetry nor prose, yet combines elements of the two. A short insight, pensive and lyrical. The file, drawn from my "Fragments" folder, is dated 4/13/2004. The Nature of Fire

A force of nature is neither wrong nor right. It simply is.

Fire can either destroy or renew. It depends on how it is used. What acts upon it to achieve the end result, that is where praise or blame should lie.

If you reach out and touch the fire, its flames will burn you. Does this mean you should hold the fire accountable for your pain? Judge yourself rather for putting your hand in the way of something that can do you harm.

And even so, if you have learned henceforward not to touch the flames, is it so terrible a wound? A small pain now can forego a larger disaster later.

--M. Belanger