Author's Note: The invasion begins. Lost in the factory Mara is attacked by two of Vlad's vampires, while Dr. Morgan leads a strike to capture Livia and steal her away. Act VI Scene V:

(Cut to the roof above Mara. Two vampires are climbing around, peering through the skylights to the rooms within.)

Nate: I can’t believe we pulled this duty. I mean, we’re not gonna get to feed at all.

Greg: Quit your bellyaching. You heard Morgan. The others aren’t allowed to feed either. Drac wants us in and out.

Nate: You got balls calling him that.

Greg: I’ll leave that “voivode” bullshit to Dr. Asskisser. It’s not like he can hear us all the way out here.

Nate: Hey, Greg! Get over here. Isn’t that one of the women we’re looking for?

Greg: Well shit. I believe it is, Nate.

Nate: Heh. And here we thought we had a boring job, bringing up the rear.

Greg: She’s kind of cute.

Nate: If you go for that tough girl look, yeah.

Greg: Poor little tough girl, all alone in the dark. Doesn’t even have a flashlight.

Nate: Heehee. You with me, Greg? I’m going in.

Act VI Scene VI:

(Cut back to Mara who is still frowning at either end of the hall. The sound of breaking glass comes from above and a few slivers fall down to the floor.)

Mara: Damn. I knew those skylights would be trouble.

(Nate crashes through the skylight, landing practically on top of Mara. She jumps back, neatly avoiding him. Greg scurries beetle-like down the wall. Mara glances up and notes his position, but keeps her attention on Nate. Nate swipes at her, baring fangs. He moves with supernatural speed, but Mara manages to elude him every time.)

Nate: She’s fast.

Mara: I’m a lot more than fast.

Greg: Talks tough, too.

(Nate darts forward again, trying to seize hold of Mara. This time she reaches out and grabs the hand he is reaching toward her and yanks hard on it, pulling him off-balance and sending him crashing into the wall. Greg takes the opportunity to jump her from the other wall. Still following through with her toss of Nate, she does not have time to step out of the way. Greg clings to her back and, grinning, sinks fangs into her shoulder.)

Mara: Bastard! You bit me!

Nate: Hey, no fair! We’re not supposed to eat them!

Greg: Just taking a taste. She tastes good. (He smiles, licking blood from his lips)

Mara: It’s polite to ask first!

(As she says this, Mara reaches up behind her and grabs Greg around the shoulders. She lifts him bodily off of her. With a grimace, she spins and throws him into the wall. Nate watches this with amazement.)

Nate: Shit. She’s kinda strong.

(Mara drops the rucksack, then takes up another defensive stance, focusing most of her attention on Nate, since Greg is currently crumpled whimpering on the floor. As she faces off with them, we see the bite-marks on her shoulder begin to heal.)

Mara: Come on. I dare you.

(Nate thinks about it, circling. Mara follows him. Greg is recovering, and just as her back is to him, he rushes her, hitting low. He carries her forward, but she rolls with it. Once her hands are on the floor, she does a modified handstand, kicking out to knock Greg off of her, then flipping over to catch Nate in the face with both feet, knocking him back. She completes the flip, spinning around this time so Greg does not catch her off-guard.)

Mara: You disgust me. Do you even know what you are?

Greg: We’re vampires, lady. Did you miss the fangs?

(Mara glares at Greg, then focuses, drawing her hand back as if to make a palm strike. Grey wisps begin forming around her hand.)

Nate: Oh fuck. Do you see that? That’s the same thing Drac does, only it’s not red.

(Mara aims at Greg’s face and palm strikes him. She is very clearly aiming at a point about a foot behind his head. Her hand seems to go through him for a moment, and we see a ghostly image of Greg thrown back past his body. His head snaps back and this double-image snaps back in synch with his flesh. Greg is stunned, struggling to figure out what just happened to him.)

Greg: Fuck. I’m seeing, like, two places at once.

Mara: You’re not attached to that thing. Do you even realize that?

Greg: Attached to what thing? What are you talking about, lady?

(Greg stumbles, dazed. Nate is hanging back, watching with wide eyes. Mara pulls back for another palm strike, the glow returning to her hand. With a yell that contains that male voice underneath her normal voice again, she delivers a solid blow to the center of Greg’s chest. We see that ghost image under the bones of her face for a moment and her eyes glow. Greg is thrown several feet straight back into the wall. Mara drives forward almost in a blur, arriving to stand in front of Greg before he has even slid down the wall. Nate is still paralyzed by what he sees.)

Mara: This flesh you wear is stinking and dead. Time to get a new suit of clothes!

(Greg stares in shock at her as she pulls back for another strike. Only this time her hand again seems to go into Greg. Waves of mist ripple through his chest. Mara closes her hand around something and yanks it out. We see a ghostly image of Greg, screaming, torn from his flesh. It quickly dissipates upon the air. The faintest echo of a scream vibrates on the air.)

Nate: Shit. What are you, lady?

Mara: Something you could have been.

(She rounds on Nate and moves even faster than we’ve seen before. He tries to stumble backwards, but she grabs him by the shoulders, hoists him easily into the air, then slams him hard onto the ground. He cracks his head against the concrete. She follows him down on one knee, pinning him by the shoulder with her off hand. She glares down at him and he looks up to meet her eyes.)

Nate: I’ve already been killed once, lady.

Mara: I’ve died more times than I’ve been born. You need to move on.

(Just as she did with Greg, she pulls back her hand and the wisps of light gather around it. Then she strikes forward, quick as a snake, right into Nate’s chest. His entire body convulses and his eyes go wide. Ripples of light flow around the point of impact, and Mara’s eyes and face glow with a matching light. She rips Nate out of himself, throwing his screaming soul away from her like it was so much trash. She stands up, cracks her neck, touches the now-healed place where she was bit. She sneers down at the vampires that now look like two-day-old corpses.)

Mara: (spits) The dead should never get up and walk around.

(She picks up the rucksack, then heads back down the hallway at a much quicker pace.)

Act VI Scene VII:

(The front room. The three new villagers have been searched and stand a little way from the front door. Jack stands in the middle of the room, surveying the people around him. Johnny and Livia stand close to where they entered, looking like they’re not quite sure what to do.)

Livia: So where do you want me, Jack?

Jack: What are you talking about?

Livia: Give me a gun and put me somewhere. Better yet, give me a cross. I’m not the best shot.

Jack: You smoking something, Red? You’re going in the back office with Marta and the rest.

Livia: Like hell I am. Just because I’ve got tits doesn’t mean –

Lookout: More people come!

Jack: Jesus. What do you mean, more people come? We look like the fucking Salvation Army or something?

(Jack scurries up the catwalk and grabs the binoculars.)

Jack: Two, three, four … there’s five of them that I can see. No crosses this time. Something stinks. You! Dumbfuck on the door! You will not let these people in. I don’t care if you recognize them. No more. You hear me? No more!

Lookout: Translate?

Jack: Shit, yeah, I want you to translate that. No one else gets in! Hey! What the fuck is that one doing?

(Toma smiles apologetically at his neighbor, then shoves the desk aside and opens the door.)

Jack: It’s a trap! It’s a fucking trap! Shoot that fucker! Shoot him now and close that door!

(As Jack is screaming from the catwalk, several things happen at once. First, the five vampires outside shoulder their way in through the door in the midst of M16 fire. At least one of the M16s jams. Another backfires, wounding the man using it. But Toma and a vampire go down. While they push through the main door, there is the sound of shattering glass from the ceiling. Shards of glass rain down on Jack.)

Jack: Shit.

(A vampire drops down onto the lookout, knocking him right off the catwalk. The vamp turns and menaces Jack, who fires his pistol at the vamp. We see more glass rain down just behind Jack, and then Dr. Morgan drops down, grabbing Jack and carrying him off the catwalk to the floor below. In the fall, Jack loses his gun. The room is choked with screams and the sound of gunfire. More vampires pour in, a few through the front door, at least two more through the ceiling. These crawl, beetle-like, down the far wall. As the vampires make their way further into the room, Victor gives Griffin a sign.)

Victor: Now,Griffin! Now!

(Griffin nods and throws a switch on his equipment. Spotlights, strobes, and lasers flood the front room. Most of the vampires cover their eyes and stumble backwards. One unlucky vampire is directly in the path of one of the lasers. This paints a bright red cross on his chest. As he guards his eyes from the spotlights and strobes, he is screaming and twitching, trying to brush the cross off. Steam rises from his shirt. He drops and tries to crawl back to the door. Victor and Griffin give each other a hi-five. Then Victor grabs his two bed-post war-hammers and throws himself into the fray.)

Johnny: Jack!

(Johnny runs over to where Jack is wrestling on the ground with Dr. Morgan, trying to keep him away from his throat. The way Jack is moving, there’s something wrong with one of his legs and he’s bleeding from a gash under one eye. Johnny comes at Dr. Morgan, brandishing his Gothic cross. Morgan lets go of Jack and moves to protect his face. The vampire left on the catwalk jumps down, tackling Johnny. The cross is knocked out of his hand. The vampire goes for Johnny’s throat.)

Livia: Nigel! No!!!

(Livia is standing near the pile of useless M16s. She grabs one and runs up to where Johnny is being attacked. She hits the vampire with the butt of the gun, knocking him off. The force of the blow knocks the gun right out of her hands. Off-balance, she pretty much falls right into the arms of Dr. Morgan. He grabs her and smiles.)

Morgan: Well, look who I found.

Livia: (kicking) Let go!

(Dr. Morgan grabs her by the hair, glancing at the back of her neck just to be sure. One of the strobing crosses hits him in the face. He hisses, winces, and stumbles, but he does not let go of his catch. Livia does not make this easy on him, kicking, screaming, and biting as much as she can. Johnny has grabbed Jack’s gun and he is trying to aim it at Morgan, but his hands are trembling too much.)

Jack: Aim for his head, Johnny. Aim high, or you’ll shoot her.

Johnny: Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. I can’t do it.

Jack: Then give me the gun!

(The vampire near Jack recovers from the blow delivered by Livia. He dives for Jack. Johnny, acting completely on impulse, whirls around and puts a bullet neatly in the vampire’s head. Johnny looks as surprised by this as Jack is. As they recover from this unexpected attack, Dr. Morgan leaps back up to the catwalk, Livia in tow. Morgan holds Livia tightly to his body, surveying the room below. Everything is chaos, and vampires and humans alike are falling in the rain of bullets and strobing lights.)

Morgan: Fall back! We’re done here! Fall back!

(Johnny steels himself to take another shot. Carefully, he aims. As he squeezes the trigger, Dr. Morgan makes an impossible leap back up to the roof. He grabs the edge of the skylight, glass and all, then swings himself up onto the roof. Johnny’s bullet hits the wall.)

Johnny: Shit. Oh shit! Livia! Liv!!!

(He runs under the catwalk, tries to see anything through the broken skylight. But they’re gone. The other vampires are also retreating, some through the windows, some through the doors. The people fire after them, but are hesitant to pursue them beyond the safety of the factory itself. One villager gets adventurous and grabs the forgotten Molotov cocktails. With expert aim, he tosses this high at one of the vampires scurrying back up to the roof. He catches the vampire square in the back. The vampire screams and falls to the floor in flames.  Over the cries of agony, we hear a motor gunning from outside.)

Jack: Shit. What is that?

Man: Bus! They leave in bus!

Jack: It’s probably been out there this whole time. They’re vampires. They drove up with the headlights off, parked a little way back. For fuck’s sake. Shoot the tires out! Someone give me a gun!

Victor: You’re leg’s bleeding, Jack.

Jack: I don’t care! Get me up, get me over there! I can snipe them!

Griffin: It’s over Jack. We won’t catch them.

Jack: The fuck we won’t! Never give up! Someone give me a fucking gun!

(Jack fumes on the floor with impotent rage, but we can hear the sound of the engine getting further and further away. Johnny is still looking up through the skylight, mouthing Livia’s name.)

Victor: Who’s going to tell Mara?

Griffin: Who’s to say they didn’t get Mara, too?

--M. Belanger