the shadowside series


"A singular reading experience." 

- Laurell K. Hamilton


"Belanger's... characters are intriguing, her pacing swift, and she delivers a hero the reader can get behind. More, please."

- Jim Butcher

CONspiracy of angels:  

Novels of the shadowside I

Some folks think bad days start with spilling their coffee in a traffic jam. Zack Westland's worst day ever starts out on the shores of Lake Erie. No memory. Sixty bucks to his name, and an ancient cabal of warring angels out to kill him, or worse. Struggling against zombie cops, a vampire drag queen, and ravenous cacodaimons, Zack races to solve a centuries-old conspiracy before the psychopath who ate his memories can finish off what's left of him.

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mortal sins:

Novellas of shadowside I

The exclusive bridge between CONSPIRACY OF ANGELS and HARSH GODS, pitting the fallen angel Zack Westland against the Strega, a ruthless Italian family of witches. Kindle only.

Accompanied by his temperamental (and often bloodthirsty) ally Liliana—the Lady of Beasts—Zack encounters the ghost of a woman murdered decades ago. She cannot speak, but implores him to help her, launching him along a dark path that leads to Mama Tuscanetti, an ancient matriarch who brooks no interference. To cross her is to court death.

harsh Gods:

novels of the shadowside II

This collection of essays explores a variety of topics on religious experience, mysticism, and modern spirituality. Drawn from the early writings of popular author Michelle Belanger, the material contained in Chasing Infinity offers some insight into the development of her own personal theology.

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the resurrection game:

Novels of the shadowside III

Speeding through the night, Zack Westland seeks to put his nightmares behind him, at least for the moment. Yet when he stops for gas, the chittering sound of cacodaimons reminds him that there is no escape. Calling upon his abilities as one of the Anakim—a tribe of angels trapped on Earth—Zack dispatches the hideous creatures. Then he sees something that chills him to the bone… a man wearing his face. 

When a connection emerges between Zack’s doppelganger and a series of ritualistic murders, Zack must call upon his every ally to find the murderer before he can strike again. For all of them are targets, and the sadistic serial killer won’t stop until all are dead.

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