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Michelle joins Sheena Metal to talk about her newest book, Conspiracy of Angels.

Jean Marie Ward of Australia's Buzzy Mag interviews Michelle at DragonCon 2015 about her experience of the paranormal. Click for the full video as well as a transcript of the interview.

Michelle's Top 6 Paranormal Book Recommendations, featured in SFSignal

As someone who traipses blithely between supernatural non-fiction, novels, and reality TV, I find myself working within an eclectic mix of material broadly defined as "paranormal." Your house is haunted? That's paranormal. Got a demon possessing your plucky little pug? Paranormal. Djinn, doppelgangers, faeries, even Sasquatch all fall under the paranormal umbrella. While at one time the term "paranormal" may have only been applied to literature involving ghosts, hauntings, and spirit mediums, the genre has come to be the bastion of all things weird, and it is glorious. Read the entire article here.

The Paranormal Podcast:

Amy Bruni of Ghost Hunters and Michelle Belanger of Paranormal State fame join Jim Harold on the star-studded Halloween edition of The Paranormal Podcast.


Katie Snow of the Spellery interviews Michelle, covering topics from vampirism and psychic abilities to the launch of the first book in Michelle's new fiction series, Conspiracy of Angels. Delve into whether psychic abilities are only accessible to a few people (hint: Michelle doesn't believe they are) and the ancient mythologies behind the Shadowside series. 

On the launch day for Conspiracy of Angels, The Qwillery published an interview with Michelle on their website. This interview focuses on the literary side of things, from writing stories to editing them to finding agents and researching obscure parts of the story. And let's not forget the characters - this is one of the first times Terael, a spirit who inhabits a statue in the Cleveland Art Museum, makes an appearance. He's a fascinating character, and difficult; not only does he have unique speech patterns (think Gollum or Yoda), his thoughts are distinctly not human. 


George Noory of Coasttocoast interviews Michelle about the mistaken conclusion of some law enforcement officials that a gruesome Florida murder was committed by Wiccans. From open discussion about different kinds of Satanism to past arrests of innocent people based on their interest in the occult, such as the West Memphis Three, the show delves into many misconceptions about what occult practices mean to those who practice them.

Michelle talks with Damien Echols, Menton 3, and David Stoupakis on this week's installment of their podcast, Transgression: Creators in Conversation. More episodes are available free on iTunes.


Join Jim Harold of the Paranormal Podcast in a conversation with Michelle at House Kheperu's Annual Gather, 2015.

Walking Between Worlds with Michelle Belanger -- The PassionAndSoul Podcast by Lee Harrington

Author, occult expert, psychic vampire, and television personality Michelle Belanger joins us to talk about subtle activism, the rabbit hole of gender issues, and her newest book “Conspiracy of Angels.” From sexism in publishing to energetic connections in personal relationships, she shares her approaches to communicating in the cultural “mother tongue” of the person she is communicating with. With her fiction work depicting action without obligatory romance based on her perceived gender, she also addresses the issue of romance that is more teeth and claw rather than bouquets of roses. Walking between the worlds of kinky player and television psychic, intersex awareness and spiritual populations, vampirism and publishing, Michelle helps us all look at how we can each walk between worlds with grace and strength alike. Listen to  the full podcast  to learn more. 

Michelle Belanger on the Sheena Metal Experience - April 16th, 2015

Michelle and Sheena talk about Michelle's upcoming book launch for Conspiracy of Angels: Book One of the Shadowside. Meet the main characters,  Zack and Lil, and learn a little bit about who they are, and how the world of the Shadowside novels is as grey and complex as the world we live in.  The conversation ranges from the question of what makes a hero in modern fiction to how to pick  a crowdfunding platform.

Michelle Belanger on the  Sheena Metal Experience - March 4th, 2015

Delve into how Fifty Shades of Grey portrays - and misportrays - kinky sex and kinky relationships with Michelle and Sheena. From negotiation to spontaneity, from sensuality to silliness, explore the way real live people navigate the complicated waters of BDSM, from fuzzy handcuffs to shamanic and ecstatic experiences.

~  Past episodes of the Twilight Path Podcast and the Shadowdance Podcast, hosted by Michelle Belanger and Chris Miller, coming soon.  ~

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