Michelle Belanger at Innisfree ~ Photography by @ElyriaRose

Michelle Belanger at Innisfree ~ Photography by @ElyriaRose

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House Kheperu’s Gather

June 21-23, 2019 at the Hotel at Oberlin

Michelle Belanger founded House Kheperu, an eclectic group of energy workers, in 1999. Since then, House Kheperu has hosted more than thirty Gathers, bringing together diverse voices to discuss energy work, spirituality, psychic development, and personal growth.

This year, Gather will again be held June 21-23 in Oberlin, Ohio at the Hotel at Oberlin. The theme for Gather 2019 is “Unlocking Your Potential.” To view the event schedule, please follow this link. Check the tabs for more complete class descriptions, timeframes for registration and the hotel restaurant, and presenter bios.

We welcome new attendees! Please come with a willingness to hear other people’s truths, even when they are not your own. We invite you to share your experiences and your truths, and listen to the experiences of others, offering the same courtesy you expect. Have a question? Email us directly at housekheperu@gmail.com, or use Michelle’s contact form to reach out.

Check back soon for Michelle’s next class at Inspiration House!