nox arcana

Below are a few downloadable samples from Nox Arcana's Blood of Angels CD, featuring Michelle Belanger.

Nox Arcana's complete discography is available on their website, as well as on Amazon, iTunes, and CD Baby. 


Michelle appears as a guest vocalist on two of URN's albums,

and wrote lyrics for several of their songs. 

Dancing With The Demi-Gods is available via CDBaby, 

and Desecrated Ashes is on iTunes.



The song  The God Within, with lyrics and vocals by Michelle Belanger,

produced by  Xyla Duval, appears on Xyla's Esoterica album.

A variety of podcasts where Michelle speaks are available through an iTunes search. The most recent podcasts Michelle has participated in are linked from here, with back episodes of the Shadowdance Podcast coming soon.