Empaths: Surviving Other People's Emotions


Empaths: Surviving Other People's Emotions


6:30 pm ~ Inspiration House opens to attendees of the class.

7 pm - 9:30 pm ~ PART ONE: Empathy Class: Michelle will present a class on how to survive being an empath. Learn how to tell if you’re an empath, and learn coping strategies for clearing yourself of the unwanted emotions of others. And learn how to harness your empathic abilities just like a traditional psychic to read locations, people, and communicate with spirits. Discussion and Q&A to follow the class. Come with stories of past experiences, come with your own strategies to share, come with questions and an open mind.

Please note: tickets are sold separately to each portion of the event.

PART ONE: Empathy Class: $35

PART TWO: Hands-On Empathic Development: $35

Overnight: price varies by room, all include Q&A with Michelle the following morning.

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