OCTOBER 11 & 12, 2019

paranormal weekend

with Michelle Belanger

5:30 pm ~ Inspiration House opens to attendees. Class size is limited to just 12 per night. Explore the house, say hello to Michelle, and get settled before class starts at 6 pm.

6 pm - midnight ~ Join Michelle for a spooky evening of all things paranormal at Inspiration House! The evening will start with a discussion and lecture by Michelle, guided by your questions. We’ll cover topics from psychic self-defense to how to hone your psychic abilities to past lives. Then we'll break for snacks, and reconvene to test our perceptions around Inspiration House! Bring curiosity and your favorite equipment, and leave with new friends, more questions, and a better understanding of the paranormal — in our world, and in ourselves.

Snacks and hot drinks included, signed books and decks are available for purchase.

Overnight stays at Inspiration are available, and include a midnight past-life regression. Details below.

Midnight ~ Inspiration House open to overnight guests

Midnight - Noon ~ Need a place to stay in Oberlin overnight? Have more questions for Michelle? Ready to try a past-life regression in a small group? Stay with us at Inspiration House and get access to a midnight past life regression, and exclusive chats with Michelle the following morning, from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm. Price varies by room.





Want to book Inspiration House for a private event? Book now through Airbnb! If you’d like Michelle to come out and teach your small group or lead you in a ghost hunt, email elyria.little@gmail.com before you book for availability and pricing.