OCTOBER 31 + Nov. 1 + nov. 2, 2019


with Michelle Belanger!

8 pm - midnight ~ Join Michelle for an evening of spirit communication at Inspiration House! Michelle will act as your guide for communicating with the spirits that inhabit the Inspiration House. The experience will be different each night, as the atmosphere of the house can shift. Your experience may involve a seance, table-tipping, guided psychic communication, or more traditional ghost hunting techniques. Come for one evening, come for an overnight stay, or come for the whole weekend -- it'll be an unforgettable Halloween!

Signed books and decks are available for purchase.

Overnight stays at Inspiration House are available. Details below.

Midnight ~ Inspiration House open to overnight guests

Midnight - Noon ~ Need a place to stay in Oberlin overnight? Have more questions for Michelle? Stay with us at Inspiration House and get access to exclusive chats with Michelle the following morning, from 10:30 am to noon. Price varies by room.




(Nov 1):


Want to book Inspiration House for a private event? Book now through Airbnb! If you’d like Michelle to come out and teach your small group or lead you in a ghost hunt, email elyria.little@gmail.com before you book for availability and pricing.