HK Gather -- June 2019 (class video 12)


HK Gather -- June 2019 (class video 12)


Weren’t able to make it to HK Gather this year? Don’t worry, you can still get access to some of the wonderful conversations and presentations that give the event its flavor. This year we have parts of EIGHT classes recorded for you — class titles and descriptions are below.

Energy Fitness & Conditioning Practices with Ivo Dominguez

In much the manner that the physical body’s strength, flexibility, and stamina are improved by systematic exercise, the same holds true for the energy body. This workshop will present a number of ways to raise, hold, and shape energy through direct and indirect methods. The material shared is particularly useful for people that find themselves as the primary focal points in high energy rituals. The techniques are not tradition-dependent and can be adapted to a wide range of practices. Come prepared to work your mind and your subtle bodies.

Dealing With Your Demons (audio only) with Ges

Our minds are a psycho-spiritual battlefield between our “personal demons” and the “better angels of our nature.” When we say something is our “personal demon” we don’t mean they are an objective external demon or even a separate concept, but a part of us. Magickal traditions have a great wealth of techniques for dealing with external entities, but what about techniques for these symbolic internal demons? Can the same techniques apply? This class will focus on ways to deal with our negative and positive aspects by using magick to personify, externalize, and interact with them. If you treat your anger or fear as a demon, how can we overcome them? If you make an angel of your generous nature, how can we become more like them? How can dealing with your demons unlock your potential?

Despiriting Your Home (audio only) with Seo

Decluttering your home is great but what about the spiritual debris? Learn ways to permanently shield, clear, and protect your home spaces both for new homes and established ones. Methods discussed will include numerous methodologies to fit everyone's style. We will also be discussing non-permanent ways to make travel spaces secure for business and leisure travel. Feel free to bring an anchor item from home to work on during our hands-on section.

Integrating Initiation with Dani and Hrafn

An initiatory experience is one of transformation, awakening, and rebirth. While a person may have only a few formal rite-of-passage initiations in their lifetime, they may experience several less formal initiatory experiences. For many people, their first House Kheperu Gather is an initiatory experience, opening up their senses and transforming their understanding of themselves and the world. We’ll talk about different types of initiations, their purpose, the effects they might have on the initiate, and how to integrate the process. We’ll also practice some exercises to help smooth out the chaotic impact of an initiatory experience that you can take with you.

Castings & Containers: Choices in Creating Sacred Space with Ivo Dominguez

There are many methods for creating sacred space and each has qualities, characteristics, that make them more or less suited to different kinds of spiritual and magickal endeavors. There are also a variety of levels of complexity and intensity associated with creating the container, the setting, for the work. In this class we will explore some of the many approaches and offer suggestions on how to select the best option for the specific work that you are doing. The material being shared can be easily adapted to a wide range of traditions and paths.

Recovering From Energetic Detachment with Ian

Throughout this lifetime, almost all individuals have experienced a relationship ending. These endings leave tendrils of connections to those individuals. While we may not want to completely sever those connections, we must learn to cope with the loss and grow from the experience. This class will walk participants through a few techniques to recognize, acknowledge, and move forward after the end of an era.

Poetry & Shadow Work Intro with Elyria

Bring writing implements to this hands-on workshop. After a discussion of the ways poetry can be used to facilitate and record shadow work, we'll scatter, write a poem (or start work on one), then reconvene to talk about our experiences. No one is required to share what they've written, but we'll all have a chance to do so.

The Consequences of Magickal Action: Aftercare & Healing with Ivo Dominguez

This workshop is on methods to deal with bad reactions or injuries sustained in ritual, when magical work sours, or in outright attacks. I will also be covering quick and simple diagnostics in order to choose a response, if one is needed. The middle and long term impact of magickal action will also be addressed so that you can remain healthy and strong for more years. Wear and tear ignored is often more damaging than injuries or acute situations. Rest, healing, and aftercare are the key to staying for the long haul.

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