singing my mother down

poems of grief, love, and renewal


by Elyria Rose, my beloved partner

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One for the ferryman: talespeaker volume 1

Explore worlds you've always known were there.

Michelle Belanger guides you through a powerfully woven tapestry of tales, prose-poems, and fever dreams. From the darkly lyrical to the macabre, each story invites you to peer through the eyes of vampires, demons, ghostly lovers, wizards, and earth-bound angels. Encompassing vistas from the high heavens to the tunnels that wind beneath a certain graveyard, these stories carry you through a world familiar and strange. The life you thought was yours will never look the same.

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A visionary artist sees too deeply into the secret life of one of his models. A businessman obsessed with time runs late for work and changes the course of his life forever. A new homeowner discovers that his beloved residence is alive and has no intention of ever letting him leave. These tales and more, rife with ghostly visitations and demon lovers, stalk the twilight worlds of short fiction woven by paranormal author Michelle Belanger. 

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  Soul Songs from distant shores


Exploring the poet in his varied guises as lover, mystic, lunatic, and seer, Michelle Belanger weaves lush and haunting images that will leave the reader awash in a sea of emotion. A collection as passionate as it is eloquent, Soul Songs takes readers through stages of elation, despair, inspiration, and consuming desire. Elegant, seductive, and insightful by turns, this rare collection of Michelle's poetry is not to be missed!