wicked kisses

A submissive new to the scene gets more than she bargained for when she gives herself up to two voracious dominants. A young woman looking to hook up at a bar learns too late that her intended partner is literally the man of her dreams. And a loving dom promises to adorn his sub's flesh with marks that she'll never forget... All these tales and more invite you to surrender your lust and desire to the lyric voice of author Michelle Belanger. 

 this heart of flame  

Matthew Newkirk is a creature of forbidden passions, haunted by the specters of his past. A spirit of flame made flesh through powerful magic, Matthew escapes bondage only to discover that he is being pursued by a fanatical Order bent on destroying all of his kind. Embroiled in the Victorian underbelly of clandestine magic and illicit sex, Matthew searches for a place where people with different passions can live and love and they please. His quest leads him to America, where one exclusive club promises revelations he never expected to gain about himself - and about his very world. 

spirit of desire:  

Personal Explorations of Sacred Kink

By Lee Harrington; includes a chapter by Michelle Belanger

Spirit of Desire features thirty-three profoundly personal and diverse stories sharing the revelations, power, connections, and pathways explored in Sacred Kink. Each of these passages is shared from the heart, a glimpse into the intimate. Some of the authors have been on the road for decades, others for a short time; some have spoken about their passions before, others are only now putting pen to page. Through their eyes we will dive deep and find new insights. Catharsis. Clarity. Lust. Devotion. Passion. Beauty. Hope. Energy. Faith. Intention. Fear. Consent. Service. Openness. Suffering. Surrender. Connection. Sacredness. Desire. Forgiveness. Divinity. Epiphany. Love.

the sweetest kiss:

Ravishing Vampire Erotica

Vampires have a timeless allure, mesmerizing us in every medium from books and graphic novels to movies and television shows. Immortal, eternally beautiful, strong, and sexy, these creatures take what they need, stealing the life force from those unlucky enough to cross their paths -- or from those whose luck leads them to the most thrilling experience of their lives. Edited by noted erotica writer D.L. King, The Sweetest Kiss takes readers into shadowy alleys, dark bedrooms, and more mysterious spaces to experience the frisson of terror and delight that only a vampire can produce. Mostly straight, these stories also feature bi and queer vampires satisfying their lust in contemporary and period settings. These blood-drenched tales give new meaning to the term "dead sexy" and feature beautiful bloodsuckers whose desires go far beyond blood.