Michelle Belanger at Innisfree ~ Photography by @ElyriaRose

Michelle Belanger at Innisfree ~ Photography by @ElyriaRose

Next up:

House Kheperu’s Gather

June 21-23, 2019 at the Hotel at Oberlin

6 pm ~ Inspiration House opens to attendees of Part One

PART ONE: Dreams & the Paranormal (class)

6:30 pm - 9 pm ~ Michelle will present a class on dreams, the paranormal, and the fascinating places where those topics intersect. Learn how to recognize and track paranormal dreams, what to do about them, and the ways our dreaming minds can connect through the collective unconscious. If there’s time, Michelle will also touch on lucid dreams and psychic dreamwalking.

9 pm ~ Inspiration House opens to attendees of Part Two

PART TWO: Dreams, the Paranormal, and You (discussion, Q&A)

9:30 pm - midnight ~ Share your stories and questions about paranormal experiences, paranormal dreams, and related topics. This portion of the evening will be more conversation than class. Michelle will help put your questions and experiences in context, and offer strategies for increasing (or decreasing) your receptivity to psychic phenomena while dreaming.

Midnight ~ Inspiration House open to overnight guests

PART THREE: Overnight Experience

12:30 am - 1 pm ~ Inspiration House’s three private rooms are available for event attendees to stay in for one night. The Tiny Twin Room sleeps one. The Four-Poster Queen Room and the Restful King Room each sleep one - two. Book a stay after your class to practice dreamwork at Inspiration House, and enjoy an exclusive small-group Q&A with Michelle over tea or coffee the next morning. Prices vary by room.


Event Notes:

  • Because Inspiration House is a smaller venue, attendance is capped at 12 for the class and the Q&A afterwards. We can accommodate 3 - 5 guests for overnight stays, depending on sleeping arrangements. Tickets will not be available at the door, so make your reservations early!

  • Hotels within 10 miles of Inspiration House for guests who prefer to sleep offsite:

Hotel at Oberlin (4 blocks away) ~ $259

Country Inn & Suites by Radisson, Elyria ~ $125

Hampton Inn & Suites, Elyria ~ $115

Best Western, Elyria ~ $72

Days Inn by Wyndham, Amherst ~ $59

  • Refund Policy: If the event is cancelled, all ticket purchases will be refunded. If you are unable to attend after purchasing a ticket, no refunds will be available UNLESS we are able to fill your place. In that case, a management fee of $20 will be deducted from your payment and the rest of your purchase will be refunded.

  • If you are unable to attend a class you registered for, we would be happy to give you a raincheck.

  • Questions: If you have any questions about the event, portions of the event, or general questions about Inspiration House, please contact Elyria at elyria.little@gmail.com or fill out Michelle’s contact form.

See you soon at Inspiration House!!